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Contact Information: Mail: Roberta Ann Busard P.O. Box 130051 Ann Arbor, Michigan 48113 USA E-mail:

Roberta Ann Busard is a painter and sculptor whose work has been widely exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States as well as in China, Russia, Kuwait, and other countries. Her biography appears in Who's Who in American Art and Who's Who in American Women. She is most widely known for her abstract and abstract figurative paintings, and also, in recent years, for her ethereal sculptures.

The paintings on this site from her "Flowers" series are works from one of her lighter series. In these series, she works in lyrical themes including flowers, abstract fish, mythic boats, hearts, birds, etc. Like much of her work, these works are playful and lyrical. Rather than imitating nature, these pieces respond mythically and archetypically to these motifs.

Re: "Flute and Violin, III, with Blue" Artwork Size 97 x 61 cm (Framed Size Approximately 125 x 89 cm) Painting On Rice Paper ©Roberta Ann Busard:
The "Flute and Violin" Series was a small (in number) series of original paintings inspired by the symphony solo performance of the violinist, Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, at the Vail, Colorado amphitheater. These paintings depict ethereally abstracted figures whose instruments are part of their body energies.

An offshoot of the "Flute and Violin" series, are the Buddhist / Hindu inspired "Door Guardians." Similar to the "Flute and Violin" series, these paintings were created as pairs and were originally smaller; (approximately 43 x 28 cm artwork size and approximately 64 x 51 cm framed size, each painting). The male of the two paintings was to be positioned to one side of the front door of a home, "fluting" the energies of the household outward into the world while the female, in the other painting, was to be positioned opposite the male, on the other side of the door, ushering, with her flute, the energies inward. The paintings were meant to also periodically be reversed to also further signify, celebrate, and honor the sacredness of the balancing of male-female energies of the hearth and home. There are no longer any paintings from the original series available. The "Doorway Guardians" are now only available on a commission basis. (Please inquire by e-mail.)

"Flute and Violin, III, with Blue" is one of three individual pieces still available from the original "Flute and Violin" series. (Please inquire for pricing.)