Curriculum Vitae

"Pictorially, the work of Charlie Pujol is an allegation to the madness, to the deliriums of the memory and the Freudian meaning of the dreams. The psychology of the daily objects, filtered through the substratum of the autorīs poetry loaded with denunciation and critique to the well versed system, is influenced by the pictorial American tradition, where the visual impact acquires protagonism, foreign to modes and trends". JOSÉ LUÕS L”PEZ ARANGUREN, ideůlogo. Santiago de Compostela. 1986
Gallery artist represented by Juca Claret of Madrid. He has published "Delusions of a waking man" with the Editorial Artgerust. Cover with Sol Sanchez The Cavern Art, a cultural association, nonprofit and national scope aimed at supporting, promoting and disseminating art in all its manifestations, nationally and internationally. From Abstract Expressionism to Art Brut, his work stands out in the informality, conceptual, combined with experimentation as a need to search and breaking of rules and forms. Over 20 years of work, holding exhibitions in the U.S., France, Portugal UK, Germany, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Asia, International Fairs and numerous exhibition.