Curriculum Vitae

Recognized as ' of the most consequential contemporary Eastern European artists...' (Plovdiv Weekly), Bulgarian painter Pavel Nikolov has worked in the medias of etching, oil, illustration, heraldy and applied arts for the past forty years.

From 1978 to 2007, Mr. Nikolov has had over twenty solo exhibitions in national and private art galleries and museum in Europe and United States. Some of his pieces can be found in the Museum for Contemporary Art in Cairo (Egypt), Institute for the Arts in Sisily (Italy), International Permanent Exposition of the International Krakow Print Biennale (Poland), Bulgarian National Museum of Art, as well as numerous private collections in Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Holland, Norway and the United States.

Participation in numerous Biennales including The 1984 International Krakow Print Biennale (Poland), The 1985 International Leipzig Biennale (Germnany), The 1988 Barcelona Biennale (Spain), The 1989 International Biella Print Biennale (Italy), and The 1987 Biennale Poznan (Poland). Awards include The 1984 International Krakow Print Biennale Etching Award (Poland), The 1985 Plovdiv Best Contemporary Artist in the area of Etching (Bulgaria), The 1987 Bulgarian National Art Poster Award (Bulgaria), The 1988 Critics Award at The International Biella Print Biennale (Italy).

A certified sppecialist in the area of heraldy, Mr. Nikolov created the National emblems of the cities of Rakovski, Simeonovgrad and Plovdiv. Mr. Nikolov holds both Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the Bulgarian National Academy for Fine Arts Nikolai Pavlovich in Sofia. Currently, he lives and works in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.