Curriculum Vitae


Mushtaq Noor opened his eye in a small agriculturist family of Punjab province of Pakistan. He was only three when his father died. Under very crucial circumstances, howevere, he strived and succeeded in achieving his Engineering degree with Distinctions.

He preferred settingup his own business instead of Public Service. He was very successful in his business related endeavors. As of a business venture, during 90s, he firstly shifted his business to Tashkant and then to Central Russia in quest of still better outcomes......! But misfortunes come uninvited.......he was rendered penniless due to Bank-ruptcy at The Bank of Russia where he was maintaining all his business accounts. He can not forget the day of 13th September 1997, when starving for over three days, dejected a lot, he went drowsy, someone asked him; Why not start poetry and painting (what he never thought in life) to kill time?

His art is nothing but ravings presented as visualized. The topic of the art is Heart & Soul. He never attended any school of art. It was only at the 57th year of his life that his innate power, expression through brush, developed on deep study of philosophy of Khudi (high-born creation of man) by Dr. Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938), Poet of The East. His drowsing led him to many forms of matter undergoing alchemy through life, as the soul does, that could be utilized as allegoristic instances to place the results of such occurrences on canvas, for easy leap of minds to reach closest to the meanings thus expressed visually.

He says, "All praise and graciousness goes God Almighty who sends each soul labeling a unique level of intellect, blessing it with certain attributes and virtues, to play the role (assigned) through its life in this world. He Himself unveils these attributes at a stage He deems fit, purely as a pre-set/hidden agenda." He is of the firm belief that there is no wonder, skill or role, whatsoever, at the hands of the Artist to be praised.



1) Moto Azabu Gallery, Toyama Japan......(2006).
2) Takaoka Museum, Toyama Japan..........(2006).