Curriculum Vitae

                                       ARTISTS STATEMENT  
In these recent paintings and charcoal drawings i try to capture personality and mood
through facial and body gestures.The figure is central to all my work simplified with sometimes subtle body distortions to creat drama and mood.My aim is to instil in the viewer a sense of order and balance through the use of line and colour.The relaying of a story within a picture
intrigues me.The freezing of a moment in time  to capture that single moment.
Ilove the dramatic light and dark contrast of tone that can be achieved through charcoal drawings.Iuse lines or different strenghts and solid dark and light areas to give structure and form to the figure and add a sense of drama.  
Limerick school of art and design diploma in fine art painting
National coollege of art and design diploma in teaching art and design
Solo exhibition  Basement gallery town hall dundalk co louth  title figures 05
Solo exhibition Dame street gallery dame street Dublin titled Contemplating
Group shows Groundfloor gallery dunmurry Belfast  Spring exhibition 08
                      Bad art gallery dublin Christmas exhibition                    09-10