Curriculum Vitae

Dirk Vano was born in 1953 Avelgem Belgium, a small village near the French frontier, where German and roman cultures overlap. So, his first schooling already contained a certain universality. Later on, he went to an art school, where he took courses in both national languages of Belgium: Dutch and French.He attended lectures of higher plastic arts in the French-speaking "Institut Saint Luc" of Tournay. Under the spell of beauty of Bruges, an outstanding example of flemisch city of art, he settied down there in 1974. In Bruges he continued his training in higher art of painting at the"Academie van schone Kunsten".
He was always attracted by old cities of art. That's why he travelied from one art-city to another. He already did that while studying but he made most of his journeys after having finisched his etudies. These cities of art inspired him intensiverly. There, he registered picturesque strreds and recorded those typical squares with their strong paintery power. Because of his feeling for climatic circumstances, his sharp perception and his subblime craftmanship, his word became very poetic! His oeuvre got more and more public esteem.