Curriculum Vitae

Albert LledĂł Grima
Born on March 15th in 1978


At present: Member of the Association of  Visual Artists La Kasa Para La Raza. Creating and organizing expositions, urban murals,  projects and artistic events, educational workshops through the art, projects and artistic events.

Recently with the association:

Substitution class in a painting workshop in the community center Vila Florida in Barcelona, 2009.

Mural workshop in the community center GuinardĂł in Barcelona, 2009.

Mural workshop for children in the project Patis Oberts, at secondary schools Eduard Fonseré and Margarida Xirgu in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain 2009.

Mural wokshop with the participation of the Basic Literacy and Acceptance group in the Congost district, stimulated by Mahaleo! (Cultural Associaton of Recources for the Common Development and for the Social Creativity), at the Social Center of Area 1 of the Social Welfare in Granollers, Barcelona, 2009.

Collective mural in Sant Adrià del Besós, Barcelona, at the festival FAC(street art festival) in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, 2009.

Participation at the festival Per Amor a l’Hart, in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, 2009.

Collective Mural in Barcelona for the community center La Casa Groga in the festival Desplaça’t, 2009.

Recreational and educational second mural workshop with 120 kids of primary, during four days at School Paul Langevin de Drancy, in Paris 2009.

Collective mural in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, for the event Mundo Dona, in the Women’s Day 2009.

Collective mural at the festival “Semilla Urbana” in Tarragona 2009.

Recreational and educational mural with 80 kids of primary during four days at  School Paul Langevin de Drancy, in Paris 2008.

2009· Storyboard for Mobile O2 and a 2m advertising poster for Guinness in Zink Films, Irlanda.

2009· Web background illustration for Lalo&Co Animation, Canadá.

2004-2009· Worked as a drawer and colorist of Disney and Pixar’s tales at IBOIX Estudi.
Traditional and digital artist(Photoshop, Painter) for clients in France, Spain, Australia, Denmark and Unite States of America like Egmont Kids, making the background and character’s color for Disney’s fairytales, for children and teenagers. That experience allowed to adapt oneself to many diffrent styles and to gain a good work rythm, formation, knowledge and enjoying of the techniques.

2008· Inbetweener and clean up in Boolab/ Bookers 35
Inbetweener and clean up of backgounds and sequences in Boolab for a Nike Women spot for internet.

2007· Inbetweener and clean up in Boolab/ Bookers 35
Inbetweener and clean up of backgounds and sequences in Boolab for NBA spots(Contenders y Spaceboy Boogie X) for internet.

2009· Design and illustration of Saint Gabriel, Raphael and Michael Saint’s Day card for the Fundación Los Tres Arcángeles.

2008· Participation as an illustrator in Jornada d’Il.lustradors de Caldes de Monbui.

2002 y 2008· Participation as an illustrator in Jornada del Llibre Gegant de Sant Cugat del Vallès. 
In both festivals I’ve made an illustration based on many tales who children wrote on a sheet of paper, using the maximum imagination for reach their greatests expectations.

2001-2003· Graphic Arts at Escola de Còmic Joso in Barcelona
Learning by great professionals of the comic’s world, graphic design and illustration in Spain. Use and improvement  of traditional and digital techniques.

1995-1998· Illustration speciality at Escola Llotja in Barcelona
Learning and improvement of many traditional and digital draw and color techniques, aplicated to diffrent illustration themes. Model drawings.

1993-1995· Introduction to Art at Escola d’Arts Aplicades i Oficis Artístics in Vic.
Introuction to art through the making of projects with basic techniques.

1988-1990· Comic course at Escola de Cómic Joso in Barcelona

· Mac y Windows OS.
· Advanced informatic, surfing in the net and use of files.
· Native speaker and writer Catalan and Spanish.
· French and English middle grade, speaked and writed.
· Portugese basic grade, speaked and writed.
· Dinamic, empathic with a great adaptation capacity and