Curriculum Vitae

 Create's a Beautiful Truth in Perfection
I have had the prviledge of watching Marc live,breath,and exist for art and its creation.However he tends to lean toward the direction of promoting other artists.If you google Marc Doutherd's name you will find that he is quite generous with his comments about other artists work.Marc hardly ever says anything about things people say concerning his work. For the record,I like to say that he truly is humble about what he creates and all he ever says about his work is that it could be so much better or that he just can't see what all the fuss is about. Just take a look at that when you have the time. You will see it for your self. Marc works about 12 hours a day everyday painting and creating stuff he's a perfectionist and says that the work comes thru him and not from him. He spends about 4 hours a day responding to young artists who him from around the world,giving them loving advice and encouragement and his hand in friendship. I could spend a lot of time talking about this man but wonderful says it all in terms of his character as a person and as a creator of marvelous art. Write him and see. You can feel the warmth in his words reaching out to you.
Kirk Parker Representation:Screen Masters-Sacramento-US
Certificates of Award and Merit
Novell Internetional Artist Exibition-Best of Show 2004/2005/2006-Pencil- Steel Life,Great Great Great Grandmother./US
Academy Oil Painters Award./US
Award of thanks in the donation of a mural to The Boys and Girls Club of America,Los Angeles,CA.US
Bio; written by journalist,poet and author,art rep.,manager,and consultant,Kirk Parker.
   Marc Doutherd is a modern day renaissance artist. A master of all visual artforms,he started creating images on outside surfaces at the age of 5,using charcol on concrete.Marc can render an image on any surface,with any medium,from photo realism,free hand to abstract. There seems to be no limitation in terms of his creative ability. His artistic disciplines include Lithography,illustration,painting,graphic design,leather work,jewelry making,tanning,sculpture,glass blowing,instrument making,and music writing and composition. Marc has recieved notoriety for his art..He has participated in several International Art Competitions.Marc is currently working on advocacy work on behalf of Native American concerns,finishing on a Jazz cd, which he produced wrote and performs all instruments,and he is also finishing 23 very large paintings for a show to be presented to the world in Paris, France. Pretty busy guy if you ask me! Due to the fact that Marc is a bit shy he asked me to say a few things about him for his friends around the world. Kirk Parker
A Note Worthy Artist.
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