Curriculum Vitae

Elazar Chaftzi

Art taught me to open up my eyes, look around, and take in G-ds splendor.  

Director, EMW Illustration, Chicago IL
I gained a reputation in Chicago as a caricature artist, and I gave special art workshops to children.  
Senior Artist, Gallery37, Chicago IL
Gallery 37 is a program in Chicago that gave talented emerging artists skills to produce and sell their work. As a Senior Artist at gallery37 I worked as an artist while leading a team of twenty other artists to produce different artist media.

Integrated DNA Technologies-Gallery, Skokie, IL
Exhibitor                               02/2007 -present
Bill L. Parks Gallery, Chicago, IL
Exhibitor                          2/2007
Utrecht Art Store, Chicago, IL
Exhibitor               11/2006-5/2007
Greenleaf Art Center Gallery, Chicago, IL
Associate Artist/ Exhibitor       9/2006-9/2007

 Featured Artist      September 2008