Curriculum Vitae

Malgorzata Mackowiak

Was born in Cracovia. She studied at the Department of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracovia. She obtained a diploma in the studio of Professor Jan Szancenbach. She practises easel painting, wall-painting, sculpture, drawing, graphic art and computer graphics.

Scholarship-holder of the Minister of Culture and Art. Member of Association ZPAP

Important exhibitions:

Festival of Polish Modern Painting, Szczecin 1984

Painting Exhibition Norymberga 1984

Scholarship   -holders of Minister of Culture and Art, Krakow BWA 1985,

Painting Exhibition Norymberga 1985

Szancenbach and students, Krakow, Warszawa - Zacheta, Sopot 1988,

Painting Exhibition Bamberg 1990, Wien 1990, Lion, Canes, Paris 1992

Kielce 1998 district exhibition ZPAP 1995 -1999 / Autumn Drawing-room, Little Format exhibition “round about” Krakow 2000. exhibitions like “100 miniatures in 100 Rotary years”

In years 2000-2007 about 15 exhibitions with members of Association Osier in Warszawa, Kielce, Krakow, Przemysl Lodz few collective exhibitions in Kiev.

Individual exhibitions in Krakow, 1986, 1988, 2006 , Zakopane 2006 Varsow 2007 Gallery Farbiarnia na Pieknej and Kiev 2001. Gallery Tryptych 2007 GalleryIrena Rybnik 2008 Szczyrk 2008

Works in privet collections in Poland and abroad / Japan, France, USA, Germany, Austria/

Realizations of monumental painting in USA.