Curriculum Vitae

Summary of Experience:
  • More than twenty years of photography experience.
  • Published in leading magazines, newspapers and web sites including: Newsweek, Business Week, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Die Weld, Le Monde, the Time of London, the Financial Times, AOL, MSNBC and CNN.
  • Fortune 100 corporate photography clientele including SAP, IBM, Business Objects, Veritas, PepsiCo, Motorola, Learning Annex.
  • International assignment experience in South Africa, the Middle East, Haiti, South East Asia, and throughout Europe.
  • Member of NPPA, ASMP, EP and
  • Invited to teach the photojournalism component of the Master of Fine Arts course at San Francisco's Academy of Art University.
  • Invited to speak at the ASMP business conference on the subject of marketing in the photography industry.
  • Guest photojournalism speaker, Apple Store, San Francisco, 2006.
  • Board of Directors for, 2005-2006.
  • Regular contributor to professional photography blogs at Black Star and

Additional Skills:
  • Experienced in the effective use of 35mm SLR, digital SLR, medium format and large format camera equipment.
  • Computer expert on both Windows and Mac platforms.
  • Ten years of multimedia production experience.
  • Able to edit, caption and file images, on-time, from almost anywhere.
  • Skilled graphic designer, Adobe Photoshop user, and web site developer.
  • Excellent communications skills, written, numerical or graphical.
  • Passable French language speaker.
  • Seasoned international traveler.

Summary of Recent Work Experience:
  • Major events covered on assignment to Getty Images, New York Times, SIPA Press and ZUMA Press include:
  • USDA Conference and protests, Sacramento, 2003.
  • WTO Conferences and protests, Montreal and Cancun, 2003.
  • FTAA Conference and protests, Miami, 2003.
  • Anti-war protests, San Francisco, 2002-2007.
  • Republican National Convention and protests, New York, 2004.
  • Immigration Law protests, San Francisco, 2006.
  • Unrest and UN Intervention, Haiti, 2004/5.
  • Relief organizations working in Swaziland and Lesotho, 1996-2000.
  • Post-apartheid unrest in Soweto, Alexandra and Johannesburg, 1996.
  • California Gubernatorial campaigns and inauguration, 2003.
  • US Presidential campaigns and inauguration, 2004/5.
  • All major events for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger including 4-day campaign bus tour, 2003-2007.

Recent Projects Include:
  • Forgotten Heroes: WWII, Korean War and Vietnam War Veterans - photo essay and multimedia production.
  • Racial Activism: White Supremacy Groups and the Ku Klux Klan in the US - photo essay and multimedia production.
  • Exotic and Erotic: Diverse Sexual Preferences Celebrated in the Bay Area - photo essay and multimedia production.
  • Village Pub: Back and Front of the House at a Landmark Silicon Valley Restaurant - photo essay and multimedia production.

Education and Training:
  • Bachelors Degree in English, University of Westminster, London, 1984.
  • Advanced Business Communications and Design, IMG Design Group, Berkshire, UK, 1993.
  • Institute of Project Management Certification, Deutsche Bank Management Training, London, 1995.
  • Solution Selling Training Certification, IBM Training Academy, Chicago, IL, 1998