Medium: oils
Subject: nude
Style: abstract
Size: Width: 80 Height: 120 cms
Price: Not for sale
Notes: A MOM IS GOD'S LUV IN ACTION..SHE LOOKS WIT HER HEART AND FEEL'S WIT HER EYE'S...A MOM IS A BANK ACCOUNT WERE HER CHILDREN DEPOSIT ALL THEIR HURT AND FEAR'S..A MOM IS THE CEMENT THAT HOLD'S HER FAMILY 2 GETHER.......This piece was painted 4 years ago now ..it started as a design piece for an interior my sister's were working on ...it was painted in landscape format ...on finishing my day's work on this piece i stood it uprite 2 dry off..when i returned 2 do the finishing work this image was b4 my eye's ...i highlighted wat was already there and as u can now see this was the result..3 weeks later i found out i was expecting my 7th baby ..which was a complete and utter shock as i didnd need any more blessing's from god haha anyway we were blessed once more ..i think this piece was a message from the gud lord 2 soften the blow so 2 speak haha ... the meaning i took from this work was ...yes it was a shock in my life 2 have another baby but there is light at the end of the tunnel and the babe in my womb was golden and special and sent 4 a reason ....as the mom's out there will notice this babe in the womb is not in the birth position and the funny thing was neither was my son he was born in the breech position and truly ...A GIFT OF LIFE ...dont know if im the mom or the artist on this piece ...hope u enjoy viewing my piece and it brings happy memories 2 all the mom's and the dad's out there who have recieved their very own GIFT'S OF LIFE...XXXXXXXXXXX LINDA a.k.a FASHION 4 WALLS ..choose ur FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION
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