"Curl's Trip"

Medium: mixed
Subject: landscape
Style: abstract
Size: Width: 76 Height: 102 cms
Price: Sold
Notes: One of my early tribute paintings, "Curl's Trip" was commissioned during a stay in Hawaii. As with all my tributes the painting created itself from discussions with the family. Testimonial To Aunty Denice, Thank you very much for the painting you have made in memory of my Dad. It has touched both my mom and I very much and we are very grateful for the painting. It is very beautiful and I look at it every day. Hopefully, time will slightly mend the big rift in our hearts and I believe that this painting will give us relief and satisfaction with his spirit. Again thank you and aloha. love--Chris Dear Denice..yes that is our Chris.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You obviously listened and my God you heard me. I can't say anything else at this moment as I am quite honored, surprised, shocked and am in disbelief as to how this all ended up after a sweet lunch at Buzzes. My biggest heart and love to you. I just can't say much more right now..I have to settle down a bit. Trust me, as Mike knows, I am never lost for words. Thank you Mike for introducing me to this very sweet woman. You Denice, have put papa in the best place...he will now be with us forever and ever. We miss him. Even though he was so CRAZY..I guess that is why we miss him so much. Chris and I laugh and cry about him a lot. Yet we are trying to go on.....his memory is strong and lasting. Curl would have loved this acrylic...and probably sees himself right there. Only God knows. God bless you both---Ingrid
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