"My Father's Son"

Medium: mixed
Subject: religious
Style: abstract
Size: Width: 76 Height: 61 cms
Price: On request
Notes: Yet again I am moved and amazed and my faith is confirmed. Last night I finally, after many, many months, saw the movie "The Passion of the Christ." I could not stop thinking of how Jesus, in the face of such tragedy and turmoil, never stopped believing. His strength, courage and dignity is a reminder that we should learn to forgive, accept and live in the light, that there is a higher power that we cannot deny. His face permeates my soul, and provides me with the strength to always remember that splendor is attainable, we must trust and believe that love is the answer. In love, all things are possible. Faith should fill every breath we take. As I breath, I believe. I am grateful. I am humble. Thank you.
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