"Joyce the Pluralist, -lend us five shillings"

Medium: watercolor
Subject: culture
Style: impressionism
Size: Width: 56 Height: 76 cms
Price: On request
Notes: Joyce - the Pluralist. (Lend us five shillings) This watercolour is painted from the famous photograph of James Joyce taken in 1904 when he was 22 years old. This was the same year that he met, on 16th June 1904, the girl, Nora Barnacle from Galway, with whom he eloped and was to spend the rest of his life, marry (after 28 years living together) and on whom the character Molly Bloom in the novel "Ulysses" is partially based. Years later Joyce was asked what he was thinking about while his friend was taking the photograph and he said that he was wondering if he would lend him five shillings. Hence the title. I have done this original watercolour painting in the style popularized by Andy Warhol. ©

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