Medium: oils
Subject: aeronautical
Style: academic
Size: Width: 190 Height: 140 cms
Price: $0
Notes: Art historian and friend Alicia Lubowski-Jahn introduced me to the exquisite paintings of this contemporary Ecuadorian artist and I am grateful for that introduction. His work, reminiscent of Frederic Edwin Church and Martin Johnson Heade, is truly impressive. In a world where so much of current art seems either incomprehensible or just plain ugly, discovering the paintings of David Moscoso Estupiñan is like arriving at an exotic and tranquil corner of paradise. This interview was conducted via email. It is to be hoped that it will provide a good introduction to a painter worthy of a very large audience. (Full article at... http://www.thomasleejones.com/artist-in-residence-2/ ) Orange and Magenta The World of Thomas Lee Jones (Former Newskeek & Forbes Magazine editor)  Manhattan – NY 2015
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