"Whispers From The Future"

Medium: acrylic
Subject: inspirational
Style: allegorical
Size: Width: 36 Height: 46 Depth: 3 cms
Price: $1,500, €1400, £1000 Currency Converter
Notes: Human activities have tipped the scales against the survival of animal populations, many disappearing at an alarming rate due to poaching, habitat loss and overuse of natural resources The Leatherback Turtle in danger from poaching and over-exploitation. Hunters are responsible for the early decline of Black Rhino.The Sumatran elephant was changed from Endangered to Critically Endangered because half of its population due to habitat loss and human-elephant conflict. The last documented sighting of China's Baiji dolphin, or Yantze River dolphin, was in 2002- scientists say it may already be extinct. The Hawaiian Crow was declared "extinct in the wild" in 2002. Some birds remain in captivity, It is the responsibility of human beings to create a better future for wildlife .
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