Medium: acrylic
Subject: life
Style: surrealism
Size: Width: 101 Height: 90 cms
Price: On request
Notes: At The Beach Even before you see it You smell that salty, ocean scent You already know you are there At the beach Where the breeze is best Where the sun is most powerful Mother Nature’s birthplace At the beach There so much to do Starting from building sand castles To finding shells so odd looking To tanning yourself like bread in the toaster To fishing with your friends To snorkeling with fish To going on horse cruises Just so much to do Just so much to do The list is as big as space As long as infinity At the beach As you ride by the shore You see the sky red as the sun sits on the water You feel the sand filling the gaps between your toes You hear the soothing sounds of the waves At the beach There nothing better than the beach Where beauty was given its name Where Happiness cannot be expressed At the beach
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