Medium: acrylic
Subject: culture
Style: realism
Size: Width: 198 Height: 164 cms
Price: On request
Notes: When I was a kid my imaginations did so much on African queen. We called it then ‘elelebe ejeghi olu’, ‘ekilibe ukwu egbu o ewu’’, asa mpete nwanyi’’ anyanwu ututu, ‘akwa nwa’, ‘adaugo’’ etc. Women are indeed wonderful and special creatures of God. Is it her eyes like that of doves, your skin a paradise of Ugwuta lake. the pair of apples on her chest or the curvatures of her bodice or their ‘ASO ROCK’ ? have you seen her?. Birds of heaven hum and dance at her every movement. Her beauty always enraptures the kings like a spell. Your expressions, smiles, Heavenly! It calms the waters. Her navel roll round a golden bowl and your belly a heap of wheat fenced about with lilies. She is fearless, brave and wise. Have you seen her?? I have!! SALUTE to all the wives and mothers that has been called ‘MY MULEIBRITY’.
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