Medium: mixed
Subject: life
Style: abstract
Size: Width: 91.4 Height: 91.4 cms
Price: On request
Notes: Gossip is an idle talk or rumour about the personal and private affairs of others. People who are seen to engage in gossip are seen to have less social power and are less liked. It is what no one claims to like, but everyone enjoys. Though it has advantages; can begin a courtship, reinforce morality, mechanism for disseminating information, reveal passive aggression, one can use a gossip to perfect and outshine competitors, its disadvantages are killing, murderous and lasts forever. Surprisingly, not being talked about at all is worse. There are two rules which ought to be written on every heart; never to believe anything bad about anybody unless you positively know it to be true and never to tell that unless you feel that it is absolutely necessary .Great men discuss ideas, average men discuss events and small minds discuss people.

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