"Into The Fight VF-154 Black Knights"

Medium: computer
Subject: aeronautical
Style: realism
Size: Width: 60 Height: 40 cms
Price: $80 Currency Converter
Notes: The legendary F-4 Phantom II began as a proposal for the US Navy. Developed as an all weather fleet defense interceptor, they type was soon adapted to fighter and attack bomber roles due to it's incredible performance capabilities. It wasn't long before it was adopted by the US Marines and the Air Force for the air superiority role. A stellar performer, the F-4 Phantom II at one time held 16 world records for speed and climb. These were only eventually bested by it's F-15 Eagle replacement. Entering service in 1960, the F-4 Phantom II was used extensively in the Vietnam Conflict by all branches of the US Military. Our print depicts the F-4J model in the markings of the VF-154 "Black Knights" as it appeared during their Gulf of Tonkin cruise aboard the USS Ranger in 1970.
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