"Orion Nebula - M42"

Medium: giclťe-print
Subject: scientific
Style: impressionism
Size: Width: 60 Height: 80 cms
Price: $0
Notes: This painting is an artistic interpretation of a Hubble Space Telescope color mosaic of the Orion Nebula - M42 {NGC 1976} reveals numerous treasures that reside within the nearby intense star- forming region where areas of light and dark blend with a palette of colors mix to form rich swirls and fluid motions. The bright star toward the upper left of the image, known as LP P Ori, is surrounded by a prominent reflection nebula where the star is moving within another veil of material that lies in front of M42 - the bright rim below LP Ori indicates that the teardrop shaped dark region around the illuminating star to be a cavity formed as the star moves through the veil material.

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