"Brown House (Nothing is waiting)"

Medium: mixed
Subject: architectural
Style: abstract
Size: Width: 23 Height: 30 cms
Price: On request
Notes: The image of a house in my work appears and disappears in my creations since I left Spain. The house is the representation of my family home in the northwest of Spain. The home of my childhood, the protecting home… Sometimes the primitive and schematic image is represented with windows or doors (The possibility of a return, the return’s hope). But usually the symbol appears without windows or entrances and explains my feelings about the difficulties I’ve being thru to go back home after more than 12 years out of my country. My painting is abstract or non-objective in essence but some times the objects appear from my soul without a rational process or procedure. This series is about that. The migration, the immigrants, and the feelings related are a key element in my body of work. In the series “Hope against Hope” a boat symbolizes the hope of the Africans and Cubans that die trying to reach Europe or the US. The symbol here is an empty boat, alone, in an infinite ocean of solitude and failure. An elegy to the people that put all their hope in a fragile boat because does not have anything to loose…
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