"The pain and Agony of the screaming LSD skull"

Medium: acrylic
Subject: abstractions
Style: abstract
Size: Width: 0 Height: 0 cms
Price: $0, £0
Notes: some people say you shouldn´t use drugs... I my self like coffee very much... that may be because I was born in the Monarchy of sweden, a weird contry in northen Europe were we drink really, really strong coffee all the time... not coffee like that american coffee wich is mostly water and even comes as decaffed (how do you spell that word?) anyway the people of sweden drink coffee all the time, while having sex, while giving birth to other People and even when they are working... I will make a proposal to the swedish king Charlie 16 of Gustaf (wich is a really dear friend of mine, when we are in sweden we go hunting mooses together with blunderbusses and have a drink)... oooh I got lost... well my proposal according to a new swedisg flag... Yes my idea was as follows: why don´t have a completly brown flag in the color of strong coffee? just like Lybias flags but brown instead of green? I mean our present flag is Blue with a Yellow cross on and I mean a cross, almost nobody in sweden belive in god anylonger, at least not the christian one (who ever that might be) well we could at the very least erase the cross... well anyway I´ll speak to Tjabo the king about it... Peace and Flower power! Danny Hennesy

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