"Nevermind San Fernando, LA can be broken into many more pieces"

Medium: installation
Subject: cityscape
Style: political
Size: Width: 1200 Height: 450 cms
Price: $0
Notes: “Never Mind San Fernando Valley, LA Should be Broken Down to Many More Pieces” is an installation inspired by the secession movement to incorporate the valley as an independent city. Originating in the 1970’s, the defeated secessionist movement would have affected an area of 211 square miles with 1.3 residents, more populous than some small countries. The installation maps a proposal to carve out racial and socio-economic enclaves within Los Angeles. The floor is marked with a color-coded diagram. At the very center of the installation hangs a 10 foot long hand made tassel curtain marking the marginalized yet fetishized South Central Los Angeles.
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