"Our System"

Medium: acrylic
Subject: nonobjective
Style: impressionism
Size: Width: 40 Height: 30 cms
Price: $65,000 Currency Converter
Notes: Description: Sideview showing edge Description: Our System © 2006 Debra Ann Reilly, Diplayed at Vanderbilt Planetarium, NY March 25 through June 23, 2006 (vanderbiltmuseum.org ) To create this painting of the outer space beyond earth, Debra tells of the collaboration between herself and her 11 year old son Dylan after he walked into the room where she was working and critiqued her preliminary charcoal sketch for the painting. Debra had originally sketched the planets in a straight line in more of an abstract expression. After Dylan pointed out many planetary facts she said my perception of the planets was spinning in orbits to the point that the sketch really had to be redone --- with the different orbits in mind Debra shows the sun as the brightest star and core of our solar system effectively surrounded by the planets thanks to Dylan --- the painting, appropriately named Our System shows the planets (including Pluto)abstractly represented in bright hues amidst a colorful impressionisticly styled sky somewhat akin to a Monet with deeper contrasts. Debra Ann says that Dylan turned out to be a great influence on this piece, as he also referred to the missing asteroid belt surrounding the inner planets that now circles around them. In the summer of 2006 Pluto was removed from the solar system, but not from this painting, it is left as originted This painting was also exhibited at AQA Gallery, NY at in a group show called Water & Light in 2007. TO CONTACT Debra Ann Reilly via tel: 917-912-8159

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