"Frau mit Eiern"

Medium: watercolor
Subject: nude
Style: surrealism
Size: Width: 38 Height: 56 cms
Price: On request
Notes: In German “eiern” means “eggs”, so the title of this piece can be literally translated as ‘woman with eggs”. It is a play on words however, as “eiern” has an anatomical connotation as well, similar to the meaning of the word “huevos” in Spanish. All silliness aside, this is an empowerment piece – which I seem compelled to produce on occasion. The model is a relative and friend, currently living in Vienna, Austria. She has a presence about her that lives up to the title of this piece. The title also references Jasper Johns' "Painting with Two Balls." The original painting is owned by the Weissman Art Museum, Minneapolis (USA). Archival quality limited edition giclee prints this 2001 painting are available.
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